A software that moves thousands of professionals globally

In this post, I'll walk you through two of the projects with Cobalt. The first one shows my work on optimizing the user experience for the beneficiaries (employees). The second one presents how I optimized search functionality within the product.
I started consulting with Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP in 2013 on a part-time basis and provided some high level directions for a transformational product initiative. For this project, the engineering team grew from 2 to 60 and soon the software started changing the way the law firm provided its service. It helped the company to expand its legal workforce from 200 employees to 700 and secure contracts with many fortune 500 companies such as Google, Facebook, Oracle, Boeing, Walmart and more.

Beneficiary Experience

The software was initially designed to serve the legal teams but it outgrew its initial promise and started serving other user groups. Facebook refusal to sign a contract was a wake up call for the company to focus on product optimization for beneficiaries as well and to allocate more recourses to this endeavor.
My task became to identify the usability issues and come up with solutions to improve the customer experience.

Service Touchpoints & customer experience


Beside going through the user journey, I needed to performed a heuristic evaluation on the application.


Designing a new experience

After fixing the issues around communication and registration I created a new model for the navigation and some of the deeper product flows.

To improve the navigation and better orient the user around the product:
Turned the landing page to a navigation hub.
Utilized badge numbers to draw user’s attention to where their action is needed.

New project flow:

Redesigning Search

The service had two search tools and both needed a comprehensive evaluation and update. For this project, I started with a heuristic evaluation, moved to some user studies and came up with a complete re-design based on the findings. Ask me for the interesting details of this project or stay tuned for them to come.