Tracing fresh produce supply chain 

I played many roles in this project to make fresh produce more tradable for millions of consumers. My work started with understanding the current solutions and the context in which the products are being used. I spent many hours on farms, packing companies and cooling facilities and spoke with many end users and business owners to collect the necessary information for upgrading a decade old system.

This project posed unique challenges because of its human and environment factors

  • Not having connectivity is normally handled by a warning in most apps. Here, we needed an application that is fully functional without internet connectivity in some remote farming areas.
  • You normally expect your users to be able to read and be able to reset their passwords. Here we needed the app to be usable by users with who couldn’t read english and did not have an email.
  • Brightness of the environment is not normally in the forefront of your thinking. But trace was normally being used under direct sunshine in a very frequent usage. The app needed to be legible and accessible for that kind of usage.

Information System

Trace web was a combination of several applications with a comprehensive admin tools. Migrating an organically grown product to a new system required a lot of thinking around its information and data organization. The final system moved and consolidated several sections of the old system. The new design was tested through several usability sessions with end users.

Product/Project Management

After capturing all the information and requirement, I was responsible for helping 7 developer to perform the development of the new system. I authored hundreds of user stories to describe the functionalities and requirements for the web and iOS and Android applications.

I planned the project and worked with the engineers to organize the sprints and ensured everything is available for the successful delivery of story points we allocated for each sprint.

The Result

The new generation of traceability and alerting products completed and delivered to several new and existing customers. Below are just a few samples out of the hundreds of screens and modules developed for this project.